Security Gateway Solutions

Adax Security Gateway – Attacks can come in all shapes and sizes from all directions

As LTE is deployed worldwide, seamless communications amongst all forms of devices and access methods to the Core Network are advancing daily. There are now more new services, at higher speeds, and with greater reliability than ever before. These advances bring new revenue opportunities but also new and advanced security threats. Historically, carrier-grade telecom networks have had an excellent record for user and network security, however, today’s communications infrastructure is more vulnerable than its predecessors. The internet is becoming an integral part of all communications. With corporate network security breaches affecting millions of users, networks must address security at all levels.

  • High Threat Level – attacks can come in many different shapes and sizes; user malware, fraudulent calls, spam, viruses, data and identity theft, and denial of service. This is partly due to the growing deployment of carrier Wi-Fi access infrastructures and small cells in public areas, offices and homes and will increase exponentially with M2M.
  • Security is a multi-level problem – IPsec encryption and authentication provides the most basic layer of user and network security and it has to be fast, effective and reliable. Rules based security applications prevent attacks on essential network services.
  • End-to-End Performance – the introduction of security devices in the network must not create bottlenecks due to poor throughput and latency. Security cannot simply be effective; it must also be highly efficient.
  • Flexible Solution – the Adax Security Gateway appliance provides robust, high-speed, security functions with the option to add packet processing and control and data plane services for telecom applications.
  • Unparalleled ease of network integration – a cost-effective, integrated 1U or 2U appliance, or individual AMC and PCIe modules for integration across a broad range of servers running standard Linux for easy portability between platforms and applications.

The Adax Security Gateway is available as:

Adax SEG+

Complete carrier-grade security solution in a box or on a card

Adax vSEG+

Complete carrier-grade ‘virtual’ security solution in the cloud