Solutions for NFV

Adax NFV – Virtualization is like democracy: you might not get what you bargained for!

The real question is not COTS vs. dedicated hardware it is how to make the best of both worlds. The major goal of Network Functions Virtualization is to ‘increase service agility whilst enabling better asset utilization’ (Linux Foundation OPNFV White Paper 2014). However, this goal often gets lost in the search for a ‘software only’ NFV/SDN solution without really understanding the needs of individual networks and applications. After all, it is a fact that software runs on hardware, even in NFV.  Where that software runs and how it integrates in to the network is the key to success – the future lies in successfully combining technologies.

  • Separation of Control and Data Planes – virtualising the control plane enables applications to scale on COTS platforms, accepting works orders from the MANO as an Virtual Network Function (VNF). When coupled with the data plane running in the Infrastructure layer (NFVI), NFV delivers on the goal of a more flexible and dynamic network.
  • High Performance – demands of certain applications, network functions and nodes such as a Security Gateway, DPI and the 4G LTE Core Network are met by hardware acceleration at the data plane.
  • Adax vEPC – modular and scalable cloud based LTE-EPC with separated control and data planes for even greater flexibility and higher performance. Ideal for hosted, multi-tenant solutions.
  • Adax SIGTRAN modules – SCTP, M2PA and M3UA are being deployed in a virtualised environment for a wide range of charging and billing applications and Adax SCTP is delivering high performance and reliability for TCAP and Diameter across thousands of associations.
  • Adax SS7 – the Adax HDC driver software runs as a VNF in a VM with the SS7 stack and applications decoupled from the front end device hosting the Adax HDC3 SS7 cards with on-board MTP2.
  • Big OPEX savings – realised by simplifying the control and programming of the network, maximising application performance.

Adax solutions available for a virtualised environment:

Adax vEPC  Modular and scalable virtual LTE-EPC ‘Network In The Cloud’ 

Adax vSEG+  Complete carrier-grade ‘virtual’ security solution in the cloud