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30+ Years of Telecom Experience

Adax has spent years refining its software and hardware to improve signaling performance. 30 years ago we were the first to offload host-intensive SS7 MTP2 transactions on to our board and the highly successful range of Adax HDC SS7 cards was born. Thousands of those boards are deployed in networks worldwide today and are complemented by the Adax SIGTRAN and Signaling Gateway products. Adax is now applying that signaling and offload expertise to other protocols with the release of its LTE-EPC, IPsec, Diameter, GTP and DPI products.

For example, the intelligent Packet Filtering and Packet Processing strengths of the Adax boards and DPI software enable superior network intelligence and visibility, providing the perfect platform for Value Added Service providers. The Adax Cavium-based packet processing boards support all the key Dynamic and Static Policy Enforcement functions for QoS; Online and Offline Charging; Session and Bearer Management; Security and signaling.

We are already helping a number of new and existing customers to improve the performance of their applications. To find out how Adax can help you Improve Your Application Performance and Free Your Host CPU with Adax On-Board Protocol Processing please contact us today.

Latest News

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    Adax and Ranberry Announce Complete End-To-End Solution for LTE Small Cell Networks
  • September 29th, 2014, Oakland CA
    Adax launches new all-in-one security solution to help operators deal with critical threats to their networks
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    Adax and MBA Telecom Team Up to Build Brazilian LTE Networks
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    Adax Solutions Include:
  • Security Gateways
  • Diameter Router
  • Charging, Billing & Policy Enforcement
  • Network Intelligence
  • Mobile Data Offload
  • Femto/HNB Gateways
  • Legacy Interworking
  • Signaling Gateways
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