Signaling Software Solutions

Modular, scalable and flexible software stacks and modules for Legacy to 4G, 5G, IoT and M2M

For over 35 years, Adax has built a reputation for providing customers with network control, signaling, throughput, TDM switching equipment and security solutions with its range of hardware products. This is now complemented by its extensive software product line that supports cellular IoT applications to address connectivity, traffic and security issues faced by the industry as the market continues to grow.


SS7 isn’t retrograde – it’s traditional.  It’s still the most robust, high performance, and reliable signaling solution out there and it’s needed today more than ever.

  • High Performance – linear scalability with high throughput, even with lots of small packets, offering a competitive price-performance ratio reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Flexibility – can handle multiple configurations, SS7, SIGTRAN, Diameter or ATM broadband, offering easy migration from one configuration to another, providing protection of investment and a whole host of interworking opportunities.
  • Interoperability – individual modules and a fully integrated SS7 and SIGTRAN stack solution for TCAP and MAP with comprehensive APIs for all protocol layers providing rapid integration and fast time to market.
  • Reliability and Robustness – Adax SCTP for Telecom (SCTP/T) is specifically designed to meet the high availability (five 9s) demands of telecom networks and in particular the thousands of simultaneous associations. Rapid lost-packet recovery and precision timers are not available in many SCTP products.
  • Tradition and Experience – Steeped in the tradition of telecom reliability and robustness, with thousands of installations worldwide, Adax real-time signaling products are ready to meet the extreme challenges of today’s LTE and yesterday’s Legacy networks.

As a conference visitor recently commented: “The industry knows that if you want SS7 done properly you have to go to Adax”.