Adax vGW

Virtual SS7 to IP Signaling Gateway and STP for Legacy Network Interworking


Adax vGW Features and Benefits

• Virtualized solution for installation on datacenter rack mount servers

• High performance and guaranteed reliability

• Virtualized High-Availability options with no loss of service during switchover

• Can be configured as a Gateway STP

• Covers all legacy  and SIGTRAN interworking requirements:

− T1/E1/J1 LSLs, Annex A HSLs, ATM T1/E1, OC3, OC12, GbE

− ANSI, ITU, UK, Chinese & Japanese national variants


− SS7 GTT, SCCP, MTP3/b, MTP2/Annex A and ATM

− Signaling Interworking: SS7/IP, IP/IP or ATM-IP

• Unparalleled scalability and flexibility to protect investment in both Legacy and IP networks:

− Delivers the link density and throughput to enable service providers to manage the convergence and growth of their networks

− Enables service providers to maximize revenues and satisfy consumer demands for new services whilst maintaining traditional TDM signaling in the new IP networks

• One management interface for all configurations that are reconfigurable & re-deployable



Adax vGW datasheet

Physical SS7 Link Concentration

The Adax SX provides a front-end to the Adax vGW for SS7 TDM T1/E1 links (DS0 and HSL) and can simplify SS7 LSL or HSL concentration by removing the burden of moving individual DS0s via drop-and insert on long-haul circuits. No additional point codes are required at the remote Signaling End Points and traffic between the SEPs and the STP can bypass the need for a cross-connect device.