Adax 4G and 5G Core Network Solutions

Are you…

  • Frustrated that your existing core network has low capacity and offers limited scalability?
  • Struggling to maintain and troubleshoot the freeware solution you have selected?
  • Worried that your poor performing product is the bottleneck in the network causing the carrier many issues?
  • Concerned that poor reliability will lead to your customer looking at alternative solutions?

Adax high performance, scalable products will enable you to meet these challenges:

  • Adax EPC is ideal if you are experiencing poor network capacity, high TCO, interoperability issues and delays in deployment.
  • Adax SCTP/T addresses the lack of accountability and problem solving from freeware and will prevent unreliable, dropped connections due to re-transmissions.
  • Adax FastPlane will solve QoS and poor performance issues preventing bottlenecks in the network.

Industry Insights

SCTP: A Standard But They Are Not All The Same


Adax EPC – Compact Core Network
Adax SCTP/T – Telecom Reliability & Security
Adax FastPlane – GTP and GRE Tunneling for High Capacity Data Plane Acceleration