Boards, Blades and Appliances

Adax Signaling Controllers; DPI, IPsec and GTP Packet-Processing Accelerators for LTE, 3G and IMS; 1U and 2U Communications Appliances; and Security Gateways

Over 35 years ago Adax were the first to offload host-intensive SS7 MTP2 transactions to our board and the highly successful range of Adax HDC SS7 cards was born. Thousands of those boards are deployed in networks worldwide today and are complemented by the Adax SIGTRAN and Signaling Gateway products.

Adax now applies that offload expertise to Control and Data Plane acceleration with Adax on-board protocol processing for its LTE-EPC, IPsec, DPI, SCTP (for Diameter and SIGTRAN) and GTP products. This improves application performance by freeing up host CPU resources from the processor intensive protocol and packet processing functions providing a highly scalable and cost-effective solution across a range of boards, blades and appliances:

  • Pkt2-PCIe and Pkt2-AMC for DPI, Packet Processing, IPsec and GTP acceleration and capacity
  • APR2c ATCA Cavium Octeon Blade
  • APR2i ATCA Intel Xeon Blade
  • HDC3 SS7 and ATM Controller
  • ATM5  ATM to IP Interworking Controller
  • Communications Appliance for security, packet processing and network interworking solutions
  • Adax SEG+ complete carrier-grade security gateway solution in a box or on a card

The depth and breadth of the Adax product range provides the flexibility to configure options that meet individual customer requirements by adding and removing cards as required.  For example a Cavium based AdaxPkt2-AMC module can be added to the Intel based APR2i blade for extra packet processing power rather than having to add a complete processor blade. Alternatively an SS7 module can be added for legacy interworking.

Adax Packetrunner ATCA blade