Compact LTE EPC Solutions

Adax Integrated LTE Core Network Solution

The Adax EPC provides a fully integrated, low-footprint, highly-scalable and cost-effective LTE mobility platform supporting up to 250,000 simultaneous subscribers with high data throughput. The Adax EPC consists of MME, SGW, PGW, HSS and PCRF components. A user-friendly Element Management System (EMS) can configure the components in any combination.

LTE enables faster, more efficient mobile broadband communications and has the capability to deliver big benefits to both the operator and the users. The Adax EPC provides a complete solution to MVNOs and ISPs for WiMAX and fixed broadband replacement, rural, in-building, and Small Cell Networks, and niche applications such as Public Safety Networks.  The Adax vEPC is a virtual EPC for cloud based SDN/ NFV solutions that separates the Control and Data Plane elements for even greater flexibility and higher performance.

Adax EPC

Modular LTE-EPC ‘Network In A Box’ – fixed wireless LTE-EPC solution for internet, landline and mobile voice services, available in a high performance, compact, modular system. Scalable and competitively priced as a pay-as-you-grow solution.

Adax vEPC

Virtualized LTE-EPC ‘Network In The Cloud’ – Modular and scalable LTE-EPC for NFV with separated control and data planes for even greater flexibility and a higher performance. Ideal for hosted, multi-tenant solutions.

Adax has enhanced its LTE EPC capabilities through joining forces with ecosystem partners to offer operators a complete network solution including: CPE bridge mode for fixed wireless,  eNodeBs tailored for the terrain and CPE compatibility, and options for 3rd party HSS and PCRF nodes as well as complete customer care and billing systems.