Adax SCTP/T and DTLS

Fast, Secure and Reliable Delivery of Valuable and Timely Data in 3G, 4G, 5G, IoT and M2M Networks

Adax SCTP for Telecom (SCTP/T) was designed to meet the exacting demands of 3G, 4G, 5G, IoT and M2M networks. Authentication chunks designated in RFC 4895 secure SCTP-based Associations from packet injection, hijacking or accidental disconnection, thus securing the millions of simultaneous associations required by today’s networks.

Steeped in the tradition of telecom reliability and robustness, with thousands of SIGTRAN installations, the Adax SCTP/T and DTLS modules meet the challenges of network growth and performance, whilst maintaining service and data delivery and thwarting malicious intent.

Adax DTLS over SCTP/T

DTLS is an optional module that delivers transport security by providing communications privacy for client/server applications to prevent eavesdropping and detect tampering or message forgery. Applications using Adax DTLS can use all the transport features provided by Adax SCTP/T and its extensions. This is especially important for Diameter where RFC 6733 states all Diameter base protocol implementations MUST support the use of DTLS/SCTP.


Adax SCTP/T and DTLS achieves world class levels of signaling performance and delivery of valuable and timely real-time data unsurpassed in the industry, providing:

• Up to 10,000 simultaneous associations for maximum connectivity

• Secure authentication with performance & visibility

• Protocol implementation in the OS kernel for accurate timer control and quick recovery

• In-service monitoring and detection of link degradation, anticipating the need to offload to secondary links

• Enhanced multi-homing provisioning options improve fail-over robustness and redundancy


Applications with high-throughput and/or low tolerance of latency requirements include:

• Augmented and Virtual Reality

• Vehicle control, telematics and updates

• Remote personal healthcare and some wearables

• Video surveillance

• Location tracking

• Location-based marketing and advertising

• Industrial robotics and environmental control

• Smart home control


Industry Insight

Service providers are struggling to provide a highly reliable transport mechanism across all network types that maintains the Five 9s reliability that telecom networks demand. Read more here.


Adax SCTP/T and DTLS datasheet


Why Adax?

Adax SCTP/T and DTLS deliver the highest levels of performance and service that:

• Detects and fixes real-time failures and achieves service restoration through alternate destination addresses

• Provides both redundancy and fault tolerance for signaling applications avoiding single points of network failure

• Transparently switches to the secondary path, without packet loss or upper layer intervention

• Improves destination and peer path failure detection