The Adax SIGTRAN suite has been designed for Convergence, Wireless and Intelligent Networks and includes SCTP, M2UA, M2PA, and M3UA.  All modules are provided with a common set of APIs that enable quick and easy application and upper protocol layer integration. The SIGTRAN modules are widely used by both VAS application developers and OEMs such as Nokia in their MCAS stack for charging, billing and subscriber management applications.


Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP) is defined by IETF RFC4960 as the transport layer to carry signaling messages over IP networks. Adax SCTP for Telecom (SCTP/T) is designed specifically to meet the demands of LTE and IMS wireless networks, more specifically for the thousands of simultaneous associations and rapid lost-packet recovery and precision timers required by today’s networks. Steeped in the tradition of telecom reliability and robustness, with thousands of SIGTRAN installations, no other SCTP can match it for real-time signaling applications. With support for up to 10,000 remote locations, smooth and reliable service is guaranteed.

M3UA and D-M3UA

Adax RFC4666 based M3UA has enhancements to increase its functionality and performance including a memory and timer subsystems interface to ease the integration into an existing architecture. A distributed architecture framework supports multiple redundant, load sharing lower layers, handling the possibility of failure among any one of them. This together with the other redundancy capabilities of Adax M3UA increases the reliability of the application and the complete solution.


Adax RFC4165 based M2PA provides complete level 2 data communication control. It conforms to the ITU and ANSI broadband SS7 standards with enhanced and efficient error recovery, selective re-transmission of rejected Protocol Data Units, error monitoring, sequence number and link status control. This enables higher densities and efficiencies of SS7 transmission, whilst preserving reliability and compatibility. Industry leading performance is delivered through kernel implementation that is more than 2x as efficient as user-space implementation.


The Adax RFC 3331 based M2UA product leverages, preserves and enhances current investment in SS7 with a practically identical user interface to MTP-2. This saves valuable application development time and resources which results in a short time to market and rapid deployment of IP-enabled devices through the re-use of the pre-integrated MTP-2 assets.


Adax SCTP/T datasheet

Adax M3UA datasheet

Adax D-M3UA datasheet

Adax M2PA datasheet

Adax M2UA datasheet