Adax DTLS for IOT

Are you interested in high-speed DTLS for IoT

  • Concerned that the performance of your application is below expectation?
  • Worried that the increased number of devices will bring your network down?
  • Troubled by the overall network QoS?

Adax high performance, scalable products will enable you to meet these challenges:

  • Adax FastPlane and SCTP/T protocol products deliver the capabilities to handle the massive number of connected devices securely and reliably.
  • Adax FastPlane will solve QoS and poor performance issues preventing bottlenecks in the network.
  • Adax SCTP/T addresses the lack of accountability and problem solving from freeware and will prevent unreliable, dropped connections due to re-transmissions.
  • The Adax EPC compact core network provides a high performance, scalable, flexible platform ideal for IoT applications.

Industry Insights

How can mobile operators cope with the overwhelming demand to connect everything?



Adax FastPlane – GTP and GRE Tunneling for High Capacity Data Plane Acceleration
Adax SCTP/T – Telecom Reliability & Security
Adax EPC – Compact Core Network