Adax vEPC

Virtualized LTE-EPC ‘Network In The Cloud’

Modular and scalable LTE-EPC for NFV with separated control and data planes for even greater flexibility and a higher performance. Ideal for hosted, multi-tenant solutions.

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 Adax vEPC Features

High Performance – optimised data plane delivers industry leading throughput

Flexibility –  hardware agnostic NFV control plane with optimised, distributed data planes

Modular – mix and match PGW, SGW, MME, HSS and PCRF modules as required plus the option of a Security Gateway module

Scalable – up to 250,000 subscribers

Competitively Priced – modular system with scalable throughput enables building of pay-as-you-grow LTE core network

Adax has enhanced its LTE EPC capabilities through joining forces with ecosystem partners to offer operators a complete network solution including: CPE bridge mode for fixed wireless,  eNodeBs tailored for the terrain and CPE compatibility, and options for 3rd party HSS and PCRF nodes as well as complete customer care and billing systems.




Adax EPC datasheet

M2M connections are anticipated to increase to 40 billion by 2020, implementing a virtualized core LTE network provides a cost-effective, highly scalable and flexible solution to handling this huge number of low speed, low volume connections.

The Adax vEPC enables you to cost-effectively customise your network for individual customers, industries and applications – essential in the diverse world of IoT and M2M.


  • IoT and M2M
  • Rural Networks
  • Public Safety Networks
  • Defense Communications
  • Campus Networks
  • In-building Networks
  • Enterprise Networks
  • Business Broadband
  • WiMax Replacement