SS7 and SIGTRAN Stacks

Adax TCAP Microstack

Integrated, modular, TCAP stack providing a complete SIGTRAN solution for both mobile and intelligent network services.  The Adax TCAP Microstack delivers high performance and throughput with linear scalability and maximum flexibility including an MTP-3 option for traditional SS7 TDM signaling. For new application developments – such as, a virtualized environment or interworking product, upgrades to a higher-density and more reliable signaling solution, or the addition of new interfaces the comprehensive and easy to use set of APIs for all protocol layers ensures a fast time to market for applications and services.

Adax MTP3

The Adax MTP3 module implements the ITU specified Signaling Network Functions to ensure the high-performance and highly-reliable transfer of the signaling messages even in the event of signaling link or node failures within the network. The Adax MTP3 module can use the services of a variety of underlying protocol modules for broadband and narrowband signaling traffic management, signaling link and route management, including Adax MTP2, M2PA or SSCF/SSCOP. In addition to protocol functions the Adax MTP3 module provides an open API for the integration of Adax or third party higher layers including SCCP, TCAP, MAP and ISUP.

  • High Performance – High throughput with linear scalability, even with lots of small packets
  • Modular – TCAP microstack available over M3UA and SCTP as standard with an MTP3 option. MTP3 module available with open API to upper layers and over MTP2, M2PA and SSCF/SSCOP for maximum flexibility and easy migration from one configuration to another
  • Scalable – Can support up to 10,000 remote locations and up to 10,000 transactions per second
  • Reliable – Vigilant in-service quality monitoring, fast detection of link quality degradation and enhanced multi-homing redundancy from Adax SCTP/T
  • Competitively Priced – High performance, flexibility and interoperability deliver fast time to market, protect investment and reduce total cost of ownership

Adax TCAP Microstack datasheet