Adax SX – Signaling Extender

Simple and Reliable Backhaul and Concentration of SS7 TDM Transport over IP

Service providers need to maximize the return on investment in their networks and are keeping TDM equipment in service, especially the end-node voice switches. In remote communities, such as Africa, India and rural Americas, the solution is much the same – keep the TDM equipment at the edge, modernize the core with IP and backhaul the SS7 links over the core.

The Adax Signaling Extender (SX) can be configured as an SS7 backhaul device, or as an SS7 link concentrator and front-end interface, to maximize the core network performance.

Adax SX Gateway Features and Benefits

• Maintain SS7 TDM connectivity in IP networks

• Replace long-distance, dedicated, TDM circuits with IP over shared-use networks

• Backhaul SS7 LSLs over IP with M2UA

• Concentrate SS7 TDM links in to the Adax Virtualized Signaling Gateway

• Transparent to the network, no additional point-codes required

• Protect investment in Legacy TDM equipment

• Reduce network transport costs and improve performance with SS7 over IP

• Many SS7 LSLs can be consolidated over single or multiple SCTP links to SCP, STP, HLR etc

• Substantial cost savings with typical 18-24 month return of investment

• Signaling transport reliability guaranteed by Adax SCTP/T

• Adax SCTP error correction protects against message loss

• Simple management interface with CLI and GUI options

• Pre-integrated, low-cost, small footprint, front-end or backhaul solution in 1U HP DL20 server



Adax SX datasheet

Virtual HDC-M2UA Software Solution

The complementary Adax virtual HDC-M2UA software product specifically leverages, preserves and enhances the current investment in SS7 stacks and allows an MTP3 application server, SCP, STP, HLR etc to communicate with remote SS7 nodes using M2UA over an IP based core network. By installing the Adax HDC-M2UA software in application servers running SS7 stacks such as Aricent or Trillium and others, the existing MTP3-MTP2 convergence layer will not have to be modified.

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