Overlook 5G Security At Your Peril

ISBuzzNews, May 2018

It’s clear that service providers cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to securing their networks and must look to a solution that will guarantee protection from attacks via a multitude of entry points. If 5G is set to dominate not only the telecommunications industry, but the tech world in general, providers must invest in security solutions to combat the ever-growing issue.

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NFV: How to get out of a virtual labyrinth

Telecoms.com, April 2018

For many years, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) has been the source of a lot of uncertainty for the telecoms industry. And by no means is the fight to dominate this technology over. The slow pace at which virtualization has progressed has meant that feelings of frustration have overcome the initial enthusiasm.

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The IoT phenomenon will equate to nothing if the industry fails to connect the dots

ITProPortal, December 2017

If media and analyst predictions on its rate of growth are proved true, the telecoms industry faces huge pressure. It will play the pivotal role in anchoring connections from device to device and the core. But if connections are lost, what are the consequences? And how do service providers play their part in ensuring they’re not faced with dealing with the impact of potential downtime?

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The need for an effective packet core in IoT

Telecoms.com, October 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is being hailed as the next big thing in the tech world. The way in which we live our day-to-day lives will change forever when all of our products and devices become ‘connected’ – that’s if we’re led to believe everything we see and hear.

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We need an effective packet core in IoT

IoT Now, October 2017

The huge scale of IoT adoption is a major challenge for network operators. Experts believe that network operators have the power to unlock the true capabilities of IoT, but speed is of the essence and the industry is frantically trying to keep up with end user demands and expectations.

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The Race is On – But Are We Ready for 5G?

ChannelVision Magazine, September 17

Whispers about 5G are getting louder and expectations to implement it are increasing as it will serve to connect industries accounting for as many as 1.1 billion connections by 2025.   The evolution through 2G to 4G has prompted rapidly increasing use of services and applications that are data heavy – and often the telecoms industry is struggling to keep apace.

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