How service providers can bring legacy into the 21st century

Vanilla Plus, August 2017

When it comes to future proofing their networks whilst getting the most bang for their buck, service providers can continue to use the legacy TDM equipment they have invested in at the edge, but focus on modernising the core by using VoIP and SIGTRAN to transmit calls and data over long distances.

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Bringing legacy into the 21st century

ITProPortal, March 2017

One of the most hotly debated topics in the technology world in recent years has been digital transformation. Everyone is having their say on how businesses can best serve their customers in light of ever-evolving hardware and software. Agility and the ability to remain nimble is an asset that many identify as being critical for survival today, as it allows businesses to effectively meet constantly changing customer expectations. The customer is king so meeting their requirements in any industry is essential.

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Question: Is 5G the right focus for 2017?

Smart Chimps, March 2017

Media commentators and industry experts alike are making bold predictions about how the move to 5G is necessary to facilitate the explosive increase in demand for wireless broadband services needing faster, higher capacity networks that can deliver video and other content-rich services.

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Managing the transition from legacy to LTE in the telecoms world

VanillaPlus, Nov 2016

…Network operators want to grow and adapt to the change but cannot afford to suddenly pack up their bags and leave behind their legacy interfaces. Legacy SS7 based services need to work alongside LTE protocols to ensure that both ends of the functionality spectrum meet the QoS required. Operators need a signaling gateway solution for SS7-IP interworking that they can rely on to ensure the transition from legacy to LTE is as smooth as possible.

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