Signaling Gateway Solutions

SS7 to IP Signaling Gateways and STPs for Legacy Network Interworking

Service Providers are making the transition to 4G, and 5G is coming, but legacy connectivity for voice, SMS and IN applications still remains an absolute requirement. SS7 TDM interfaces must be maintained to meet the demand to interconnect different networks and multi-protocol solutions are required to connect divergent circuit and packet switching architectures. SS7 isn’t retrograde – it’s traditional. It’s still the most robust, high performance, and reliable signaling solution out there and it’s needed today more than ever.

Adax offer the following Signaling Gateway Solutions:

Adax GW – Supporting legacy TDM SS7 connections to any SIGTRAN protocol and SIGTRAN interworking, e.g. M2PA to M3UA, the Adax GW is configurable and reconfigurable in the field to meet any interworking requirement.

Adax vGW – Virtualized solution for installation on datacentre rack mount servers.

Adax SX/TG – Can be configured as an SS7 backhaul device, or as an SS7 link concentrator and front-end interface, to maximize the core network performance.  The TG option can backhaul using SIGTRAN tunneling of DS0/DS1 or E1 signaling or voice traffic.

The Move to Virtualization

Virtualization enables fixed and mobile operators to deploy network elements for these multi-protocol, divergent, networks quickly and cost-effectively, making new services available more rapidly and at a lower cost. As an enabling technology virtualization also allows service providers to deal with the day-to-day challenges of traffic throughput and scalability by improving network performance and reliability, whilst reducing CAPEX and OPEX. With virtualization the signaling gateway functions are implemented in datacentre servers. Not only is this less expensive than boxed solutions, service providers can scale and deploy the network elements as needed, according to the real-time traffic conditions. These benefits are relevant for both fixed and mobile networks that can use virtualization to reconfigure capacity as required instead of re-architecting the infrastructure of the network.

The Adax Virtual Signaling Gateway is now available