Communications Appliance

Integrated Solution for Security, Packet Processing and Control and Data Plane Services

The Adax Communications Appliance provides robust, high-speed, security functions, packet processing and control and data plane services for any network node or telecom application server. The result is excellent system performance and unparalleled ease of integration in a cost-effective 1U or 2U platform that delivers all the advantages of ATCA at a significantly lower price point.

Multiple Communications Appliances can be interconnected for greater scalability. Utilizing the embedded services of both the industry-leading Intel Xeon processor and Cavium Octeon II family of multi-core processors, the Adax Communications Appliance is specifically designed for networking, security, packet filtering and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and provides a high performance solution for those demanding telecom applications. The Intel processor hosts the application, for example for charging and billing, and the Cavium OCTEON II processors provide front-end packet processing processing of Layer 2 protocols and hardware acceleration of SCTP, M2PA, DPI, and IPsec with efficient separation and processing of both control and data plane flows.


  • Intelligent, High Performance, 4 or 8 Bay Communication Appliance in 1U or 2U platform
  • Intel Xeon E3-1268-Lv3, 4 cores, 8 threads, 2.5GHz normal, 3.3GHz turbo
  • Combine with Adax Cavium OCTEON II 6645 based Pkt2- AMCs for a massive 5 or 10 processor solution
  • 40GbE Marvell 98CX8124 Ethernet switch
  • Option of Marvell 98CX8129 for 2 x 10GbE to each AMC
  • Dual 10GbE or 40GbE ports to Fabric Domain
  • 4, 8, 16 and 32GB DDR3 RAM options
  • Rear Transition Module (RTM) with 1, 10 and 40GbE port options and mSATA SSD options up to 1024GB
  • 1U RMS option with Intel Xeon E3-1268-Lv3 and Adax Cavium OCTEON II 6645 based Pkt2-PCIe
  • Interconnect multiple Communications Appliances for even greater scalability


Adax Communications Appliance datasheet

APR2c datasheet

APR2i datasheet

Pkt2-PCIe & Pkt2-AMC datasheet