Adax Signaling Solutions

Are you…

  • Worried that maintenance and support is no longer available for your existing SS7 cards?
  • Concerned that your network security could be breached?
  • Exhausted by dropped connections affecting the reliability of your network?
  • Struggling to maintain and troubleshoot the freeware solution you have selected?
  • Frustrated by the density of your existing signaling platform?

Adax high performance, scalable products will enable you to meet these challenges:

  • Adax SCTP/T is specifically enhanced to meet the demands of telecom and will provide the security and reliability that networks need.
  • Adax SCTP/T addresses the lack of accountability and problem solving from freeware and will prevent unreliable, dropped connections due to re-transmissions.
  • Adax SIGTRAN modules (M2PA, M3UA, M2UA) enable SS7 applications to run on IP with no change to the upper layers, maximizing performance and protecting investment in the applications.
  • Adax SS7 controllers provide the best TDM SS7 connectivity on the market today as they have done for over 20 years and continue to be sold and supported worldwide.

Industry Insights

SCTP: A Standard But They are Not all the Same


Adax SCTP/T – Telecom Reliability & Security

Adax SIGTRAN – M2PA, M3UA, M2UA Modules

Adax HDC3 – High Density SS7 Signaling Controller