Signaling Platform

Adax Signaling from Legacy to LTE

The Adax Advantage: 35 Years’ Experience of Signaling. Over 30 years ago Adax was the first to offload host-intensive SS7 MTP2 transactions to its board and the highly successful range of Adax HDC SS7 cards was born; thousands of those boards are deployed in networks worldwide. With the advent of 4G, IoT, M2M etc there is a growing need for signaling protocols such as SCTP, SIGTRAN and GTP. Today Adax provides:

SS7 isn’t retrograde – it’s traditional.  It’s still the most robust, high performance, and reliable signaling solution out there and it’s needed today more than ever.

  • High Performance – linear scalability with high throughput, even with lots of small packets, offering a competitive price-performance ratio reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Flexibility – can handle multiple configurations, SS7, SIGTRAN, Diameter or ATM broadband, offering easy migration from one configuration to another, providing protection of investment and a whole host of interworking opportunities.
  • Interoperability – individual modules and a fully integrated SS7 and SIGTRAN stack solution for TCAP and MAP with comprehensive APIs for all protocol layers providing rapid integration and fast time to market.
  • Reliability and Robustness – Adax SCTP for Telecom (SCTP/T) is specifically designed to meet the high availability (five 9s) demands of telecom networks and in particular the thousands of simultaneous associations. Rapid lost-packet recovery and precision timers are not available in many SCTP products.
  • Tradition and Experience – Steeped in the tradition of telecom reliability and robustness, with thousands of installations worldwide, Adax real-time signaling products are ready to meet the extreme challenges of today’s LTE and yesterday’s Legacy networks.

As a conference visitor recently commented: “The industry knows that if you want SS7 done properly you have to go to Adax”.