Run-Time Security and Reliable Delivery of Valuable and Timely Data for LTE Networks, IoT and M2M

Adax SCTP for Telecom (SCTP/T) was designed specifically to meet the demands of LTE and IMS networks. Authentication chunks designated in RFC 4895 secure SCTP-based Associations from packet injection, hijacking or accidental disconnection, thus securing the millions of simultaneous associations required by today’s networks. Steeped in the tradition of telecom reliability and robustness, with thousands of SIGTRAN installations, Adax SCTP/T is ready to meet the challenges in today’s emerging networks, enabling growth and thwarting those with malicious intent.

Specifically designed to deliver telecom quality reliability and performance in IP networks, Adax SCTP/T is the solution to weak and unreliable implementations of RFC 4895 and now adds the most robust authenticating version of SCTP available.

Adax SCTP/T has several other unique advantages over other SCTP implementations:

  • Shorter retransmission timers than RFC-standard min/max values
    • Detects and Corrects errors more quickly
    • Improves destination and peer path failure detection
    • Delivers service comparable to PTSN
    • Meets demands of real-time telecom applications on error-prone IP networks
  • SLQ (Signal Link Quality) Monitors, Analyzes and Acts on path errors
    • Constantly monitors health of all paths in a multi-homed association
    • Analyzes link quality constantly
    • Sends data on all paths when errors are detected on primary
    • Identifies the best possible path for changeover
    • Avoids costly delays of service delivery
  • Supports return to primary for preferred or least cost routes
  • Enables multiple receive threads for non-blocking performance
  • Scales up to 10,000 simultaneous associations
  • Balanced performance and responsiveness across all associations
  • Maintains quality and service for all traffic in the busiest of systems, even low-volume/high-value traffic such as 911 calls, financial transactions, and M2M/IoT
  • Delivers the highest performance, highest capacity SCTP on the market today


Adax SCTP/T datasheet


Industry Insight:

Service providers are struggling to provide a highly reliable transport mechanism across all network types that maintains the Five 9s reliability that telecom networks demand. Read more here.


GTP and SCTP for IoT

As network capacity increases so does the need for performance, security and reliability. Adax GTP and SCTP/T protocol products deliver the capabilities and performance to handle the massive number of connected devices securely and reliably without impacting overall network performance and Quality of Service, thus improving the user experience.