Adax Announces Industry-changing IoT/Drone/UAV AI enhanced Communications

Adax announces an industry changing, real-time, error-correcting protocol advance for IoT networks targeting high-value real-time data applications.

This product provides faster correction of errors and protection against connection loss even in hostile environments. It provides more robust real-time communication with your devices in motion such as drones, telemetry, mobile apps, and factory-floor vehicles. It works well for delivering packets to distant corners of the network subject to drops and slow delivery.  

This is the first time such advanced and self-healing AI features are available with a rigorous and well defined protocol.

Adax SCTP/T with new AI enhancements provides these features and more, such as durable anti-hijacking and data encryption. It provides a robust, self-healing and secure solution for greater reliability and timely data delivery. It is ideal for noisy, distant, or unreliable network environments such as radio links or noisy industrial networks. With its rapid detection of packet loss and re-sending of lost packets and its multiple independent data paths, it is superior to other IP network solutions when reliability and security count.

We can help you integrate Adax real-time solutions into your products wherever they need to go.

For further information, please contact Claudia Forester with Adax  
at (510) 548-7047 x188, or email