Adax enhances LTE EPC solutions with ecosystem partners to offer operators a complete network solution

12 November 2015, Reading, UK – Adax, an industry leader in high-performance signaling and packet-processing infrastructure, has enhanced its LTE EPC capabilities through joining forces with ecosystem partners to offer operators a complete network solution.

These partnerships provide communication service providers with greater vendor options based on their criteria and relationships, enhancing their ability to deliver customised services. The complete network solution for fixed wireless includes the CPE bridge mode, the eNodeBs tailored for the terrain and CPE compatibility, as well as the Adax EPC core elements, with options for 3rd party HSS and PCRF nodes, completed with a customer care and billing system.

Adax has recently partnered with Accelleran, a leading designer of small cell solutions, following the successful Interoperability Test (IOT) between the Adax EPC small footprint network core and the Accelleran eNodeB platform.

“We’ve further enhanced our EPC capabilities, with our ecosystem partners, with the future firmly front-of-mind,” comments Robin Kent, director of European operations at Adax. “Our extensive field research has proven that it is difficult for operators to upgrade their networks and provide a high level of service to meet the demands of their subscribers. Some might consider to apply for a 3.4-3.8 GHz radio licence and build a TD-LTE network, which requires a low entry CAPEX level, but is impossible with larger LTE systems from the major manufacturers. The one true answer to the problem is to enable operators to have more control and our complete network offering provides this.”

The network can be built via Adax’s EPC ‘Network In A Box’ or the vEPC ‘Network In The Cloud’. Either option provides a fully integrated, low-footprint, highly-scalable and cost-effective LTE mobility platform supporting up to 200,000 simultaneous subscribers with high data throughput. It consists of MME, SGW, PGW, HSS and PCRF components all of which are optional and configurable and the user-friendly Element Management System (EMS) can configure the components in any combination.

With dozens of proven LTE implementations, Adax’s EPC solutions provide the high reliability and performance mandated by customers. They also provide a complete, ready-to-use, high performance and highly reliable EPC core solution that is right-sized and right-priced for Transport, Public Safety, In-Building and other low footprint applications.

Trevor Moore, CEO of Accelleran, comments: “This opportunity to partner with Adax has given our customers a complete, integrated LTE solution which is both robust and cost effective. We set out to provide the market with a ‘best in breed’ solution which is built in-house by design and constructed using techniques only used in critical applications and this latest solution provides this.”

Mr Kent adds: “Adax is delighted to have demonstrated its interworking capability with Accelleran’s small cell solutions. Together the two companies have created a solution that provides scalability to suit customer needs, and is perfect for operators that are looking for a flexible solution to expand and control their networks.”