Adax launches the TCAP Microstack

15 January 2016 – When it comes to Location-Based and Value-Added services, reliability remains a main priority for application developers. As a result, the ‘traditional’ SS7 signalling service is prospering, underpinning many ‘next generation’ fixed and mobile services. Due to demand, Adax, the industry leader in packet-processing and network infrastructure, has launched the TCAP Microstack, a complete SIGTRAN solution for mobile and intelligent network services.

Maintaining the reliability of SS7 is critical for achieving a high service level over often unreliable IP networks. The Adax TCAP Microstack is a compact, easy-to-use stack that enables vigilant in-service quality monitoring, fast detection of link quality degradation and enhanced multi-homing redundancy from the inbuilt Adax SCTP/T. The product’s simplified configuration and easy-to-use set of APIs for all protocol layers also ensures a fast time to market for applications and services.

The product offers real-time flexibility and can handle multiple configurations with easy migration from one configuration to another, which makes it perfect for new application developments for VAS and the virtualised environment or for upgrading existing applications. It also offers scalability and provides high performance and throughput even with lots of small packets, and can support up to 10,000 remote locations and up to 10,000 transactions per second.

Robin Kent, Director of European Operations at Adax, comments “Many operators who have looked to transfer to an IP infrastructure have instead just moved their media traffic to IP and left the signalling to SS7 to ensure network stability and performance. We’re excited to launch the TCAP Microstack which allows communication between the IP Network and legacy circuits with linear scalability and maximum flexibility, including an MTP-3 option for traditional SS7 TDM signalling, as well as integrating the AdaxGW for SS7-SIGTRAN. It delivers high performance and scalability, whilst remaining a competitively priced product for our customers.”