Struggling to deliver dynamic and flexible 4G services whilst reducing both Capex and Opex?

ADAX modular EPC provides MVNO’s with the cherry-picking option needed to reduce expenditure and increase the harvest…

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) want their vertical market service delivery to be dynamic and flexible but at the same time they need to lower both Capex and Opex to be competitive. The same applies to other vertical market operators such as those looking to deliver rural broadband services.

Consequently, MVNOs want to use some of their own infrastructure equipment, typically GGSNs/PGWs and HSS/HLRs, to facilitate local access and meet variable demands rather than taking all of their network services from the larger wholesale operators.

The AdaxEPC is modular and consists of MME, SGW, PGW, HSS and PCRF components that can be configured in any combination. The separation of the Control and Data Planes enables multiple SGW, PGW Data Planes to be deployed for increased capacity, and load balancing across these multiple Data Planes can be supported from a single, centralised Control Plane. The AdaxEPC scales from 10-250,000 simultaneous attached subscribers and data throughput of up to 32 Gbps is supported per blade. Multiple blades can be deployed per system. Software only solutions for virtualised deployments are also available.

A flexible licensing model based on the individual modules and the number of subscribers, cell sites and data throughput allows for multiple combinations to serve varied subscriber ranges and requirements. The solution is easily scalable allowing for low upfront capital investment and an easy upgrade path as the subscriber base and data throughput builds. The pay as you grow upgrade model separates hardware and software enabling MVNOs to only pay more as they need to support higher numbers of subscribers.

This wide range of benefits to the MVNO, including higher performance levels, modularity, scalability and flexibility not only reduces Capex and Opex but result in a far better level of connectivity for the end-user as well. The AdaxEPC core network solution delivers similar operator savings and end-user benefits for Rural Broadband, Campus, and In-Building Networks and niche applications such as Public Safety Networks, M2M and IoT.

Download the AdaxEPC datasheet pdf here.

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